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Nella Grotta

From the 9th of March to the 12th of April 2013, Serigraffeur gallery is proud to presents the solo show by the Berlin-based italian artist Vacon Sartirani. His unique stile explores the surreal depths of human existence with the skillfull employment of a strict and peculiar red and blue palette, combining the visual tradition of the memento mori with a personal, dreamlike universe of everyday love.

The space will host a retrospective of the artist’s most recent edition work, including previously unreleased silkscreen editions.

"NELLA GROTTA" world premiere

During the opening night, the gallery will feature the world premiere of the artist’s book: “Nella Grotta” – an astonishing, gloomy and bizarre tale of surreal introspection, artfully illustrated by an imaginative set of 12 linocuts.

Linocuts’ limited editions will be available for sale during the whole exhibition.

Program of saturday 9 march:

20:00// Opening party at the presence of the artist

21:00// World premier of the book “Nella Grotta” with lecture by author 

22:00// Live Music: Elena Gniss (soundcloud.com/elena-gniss)





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