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MoCCA Art Festival 2008

This weekend the MoCCA Art Festival 2008 is happening: it benefits the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and takes place at the Puck Building (295 Lafayette Street, New York, NY, USA) on June 7th & 8th from 11 am to 6 pm.

About the museum:

The purpose of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is the collection, preservation, study, education, and display of comic and cartoon art. Every genre of the art is represented: animation, anime, cartoons, comic books, comic strips, gag cartoons, humorous illustration, illustration, political illustration, editorial cartoons, caricature, graphic novels, sports cartoons, and computer-generated art. Further, the museum's rigid collection policy ensures that the art collections are maintained in an environment of the highest integrity.

It is the mission of the museum to promote the understanding and appreciation of comic and cartoon art as well as to detail and discuss the artistic, cultural, and historical impact of what is the world's most popular art form. Comics and cartoons have been instrumental in effecting significant dialogue on issues involving society, culture, philosophy, and politics. History has shown them to be instrumental in documenting--and interpreting--historic events and social change. Artistically, comic and cartoon art is created at the highest levels by some of the world's finest graphic illustrators.

The main goal of the museum is to educate the public about comic and cartoon art, how it is crafted, and how it reflects history. What does the art tell us about the time period that it was created in? How does it stand the test of time? What First Amendment issues regarding content come into play? How does censorship determine what is (and isn't) published?

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is chartered by The State Education Department, organized and operated as defined in Section § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The MoCCA Featured Artist Sketch Table is proud to announce this year’s artists:


Saturday, June 7

Neil Vokes Saturday 11-3

Neil Vokes began working professionally on Robotech in 1984. He also co-created EAGLE through Crystal Comics. Other achievements include Superman Adventures with Terry Austin, Untold Tales of Spider-Man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is probably most known for the critically acclaimed Black Forest.

Adriano Saturday 11-1

A freelance artist and long time volunteer for MoCCA, Adriano is director for the Dances of Vice Festival on Aug 22-24 which will be themed on Baron Munchausen. Adriano is currently working on a graphic novel, "120 Days of Munchausen." He is known among sketch collectors for dramatic poses and detailed work.

Lou Manna Saturday 11-1

An artist for over 25 years Lou Manna has been on several titles including The Legion of Super Heroes, Infinity Inc., The House of Secrets, Spider-Man, X-Men's Rogue, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. agents, Young All Stars, and the Phantom. He is currently working with Atlantis Publishers on two projects Salem Saint James and Soulcatcher.

Mo Willems Saturday 11-12

The MoCCA is proud to include the talented Mo Willems who is known for his television work with Nickelodeon and his award winning books: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, and Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity.

Molly Crabapple Saturday 12-1

Molly Crabapple was nice enough to take a break from her table to volunteer at MoCCAs Featured Artist Table. Molly is known for her illustrations with burlesque women and the occasional dirty joke. She will soon be in Europe touring with Dr. Sketchy and she has a webcomic Backstage for Act-i-vate.com.

Fred Hembeck Saturday 1-3

A fan favorite featuring a unique artistic style Fred is at Artfest to promote his new book "The Near Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus." Fred is known for his parody comics of superheroes featured in the "Daily Planet" for DC Comics, "Dateline:@#$%" for the Comics Buyers Guide, and his strips featured in Marvel Age.

Keith Williams Saturday 1-3

Keith Williams is a comic book artist and inker who is known for amazing sketches. He is best known for illustrating The Phantom for over a decade together with George Olesen. He also worked with many key artists such as John Byrne on Superman.

Rob Reilly Saturday 1-3

Rob is a self-published comic artist and freelance illustrator known in the New York area for dramatic, yet humorous sketches. He is the creator of Convention Confessional and Imaginary Friends: SFU through Viper Comics. Rob has also done illustrations for Image Comics. His latest project is in development with Chris Moreno and Steven Walters for Viper Comics.

Patrick McDonnell Saturday 1-2

In 1994, Patrick McDonnell created the comic strip MUTTS which now appears in over 700 newspapers and 20 countries. McDonnell has received numerous awards for this strip, including the National Cartoonists Society’s highest honor, The Reuben. The MUTTS cartoons have been published in sixteen compilation books. His current release "Shelter Stories: Love. Guaranteed." features his popular animal shelter-themed strips accompanied by real-life pet adoption stories submitted by readers worldwide. In September, another MUTTS compilation entitled "Call of the Wild" will be released by Andrews McMeel Publishing. McDonnell has also released four children’s books since 2005, two of which were New York Times bestsellers. In September, his fifth children’s book entitled "South", will be released by Little Brown. McDonnell’s website, muttscomics.com, promotes his animal and earth friendly philosophy.
Patrick will not be sketching, but will be available to sign prints of his famous comic strip.

Ruben Bolling Saturday 3-5

Ruben is the author of the award-winning weekly comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug, which appears in newspapers across the country, as well as Salon.com. He is known for comics that tackle topics such as big government, the Iraqi War, and politics. He is also a member of Cartoonists With Attitude.

Chris Giarrusso Saturday 3-5

Chris created the Mini Marvel strips, and has also worked on several Spider-Man comics, World War Hulk, and X-Men: Millennial Visions. A digest collection of Mini Marvels is coming out in July called MINI MARVELS: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS.

Cliff Chiang Saturday 3-5

Formerly an assistant editor at DC Comics, he is now an illustrator, best known for his work on Human Target, Beware the Creeper, Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre, Dr. Thirteen, and Tales of the Unexpected with writer Brian Azzarello. His latest project was the hit Green Arrow/Black Canary.

Dean Haspiel Saturday 3-5

The Eisner Award winning Dean (or Dino! As he signs his sketches) is known for his extensive work with Vertigo including The Quitter with Harvey Pekar and a new book "Alcoholic." He has also worked on 9:11 Emergency Relief, Batman Adventures, American Flagg! with Howard Chayken, Thor with Walter Simonson, and Elektra: Assassin with Bill Sienkiewicz. He is a founding member of Act-i-vate and Brooklyn's DEEP6 Studios. Dean will have a semi-autographic webcomic called Street Code coming out this summer with Zuda comics.

Josh Neufeld

Josh is a founding member of Act-i-vate, and freelance artist with an impressive number of his own graphic novels including A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, The Vagabonds, Katrina Came Calling, Titans of Finance, Keyhole, and A Few Perfect Hours. Josh is also known for his work with Harvey Pekar's American Splendor.


Sunday, June 8

Dan Hernandez Sunday 11-1 and Sunday 3-5

Dan is the creator of the underground hit webcomic "Living with Toys and Other Stories." Dan is an active volunteer at MoCCA. He is known for humorous sketches and will draw just about anything, even Hannah Montana.

Jerry Ma Sunday 11-1

The MoCCA is fortunate to have Jerry Ma take a break from his table to volunteer his time at the Featured Sketch Table. Jerry Ma is a longtime friend of MoCCA, an outstanding artist, and all around nice guy. He is known for amazing watercolor sketches done with bamboo.

Rebecca Friedman Sunday 11-1

Rebecca Friedman is a math teacher who is also an anime artist. The new series Lovely Demon will be released soon through her website.

Alitha E. Martinez Sunday 11-1

Alitha is a respected New York artist who went from mainstream comics to manga. She has worked on Voltron, Marvel Age's Fantastic Four, and Iron Man. She has gone on to work on her series Ningyo: Solveig and Yume and Ever.

R. Sikoryak Sunday 11-1

R. Sikoryak's comics have been seen in Nickelodeon Mag, The New Yorker, Hotwire, Drawn & Quarterly, and RAW; on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; and in America (The Book) and Our Dumb World: The Onion's Atlas of the Planet Earth. A collection of his classic adaptations will be published by D&Q next year.

Jeff (from Arzynart) Sunday 1-2

Jeff is currently working on the critically acclaimed "One Live Beast," which is described as a "post-modern, neo-punk, gothic-sci-fi action/comedy/adventure." The second book will come out in December of 2008. Jeff is also an accomplished painter.

Ken Knudtsen Sunday 1-3

Ken was kind enough to leave his Artfest booth and donate some time for the Featured Artist Table. He is known for his strip "My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer" and has worked for Marvel on Wolverine. His paintings in fan sketchbooks have become almost legendary.

Chris Dibari Sunday 1-3

Chris Dibari is a freelance artist who has worked on several titles including Robin, Deadpool, Starship Troopers, and is the co-creator of "The Hunger." Dibari has developed quite a following from sketch collectors in the New York area.

Jeff Zornow Sunday 1-3

Jeff Zornow is known for his horror illustrations which are found not only in comics, but T-shirt companies, and several underground bands. His comic projects include "Gene Simmons' House of Horrors", "Vampirella Magazine", "Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery". Most notably, he created and illustrated the acclaimed "Long Night of the Full Moon".

Rick Parker Sunday 1-3

Rick Parker is a professional illustrator who was worked with the NY Times, the Village Voice, the Daily News, CNN, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon Magazine, Cracked, and the Beavis and Butthead comics. He is currently drawing the Introductory Pages featuring The Old Witch, The Crypt Keeper and The Vault Keeper for the new release of Tales From The Crypt.

Jamal Igle Sunday 3-5

A highly acclaimed artist, Jamal has worked on The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, Race Against Time, G.I. Joe, Green Lantern, Iron Fist / Wolverine: the Return of Kun Lun, Iron Man, Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl #71, Noble Causes, and Marvel's New Warriors series. Jamal is the co-creator of the comic book series VENTURE by Image Comics.

Joe Staton Sunday 3-5

Joe Staton is a veteran in the comic industry who is most known for his long run on Green Lantern. On that title he co-created the Omega Men and Guy Gardner. He has also worked on The Justice Society of America in All Star Comics, Metal Men, and Doom Patrol. Joe now works on Scooby Doo for younger readers. Joe is proud to announce a "New Look" JUGHEAD arc from Archie; FEMME NOIR Miniseries from Ape; and a new E-MAN one-shot from Digital Webbing.

Greg Pak Sunday 3-5

Greg Pak is a filmmaker and comic book writer best known for directing the award-winning feature film "Robot Stories" and writing the epic "X-Men: Phoenix Endsong", "Planet Hulk", and "World War Hulk" storylines for Marvel Comics as well as the "Battlestar Galactica" series for Dynamite. He is also known in the sketch collector community for simple, yet humorous sketches. Greg will also be available for signing comics, but if you have forgotten yours at home, he has graciously donated signed copies to the "Make Sale Table" located on the first floor.

Tim Smith Sunday 3-4

Tim Smith is a long time MoCCA volunteer who is known for producing great sketches for fans. His works include Sonic the Hedgehog, Tales From the Crypt, and Spider-Man Unlimited.