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Blog Archive: June 2010

We are glad to introduce you our new Pornsaint  Miss Panic, rendered by Natsuki Otani. Please remember that this artwork will be exhibited in our upcoming show in Zurich, and it's between the artworks published in our book, that you should definitely buy.

Strange Times

When an advertisement mix vintage, women, surrealism and spiders, probably we are entering in the Lovecraft's Deities times. Beware. (for Vog Socks)

I was reading the Book of Wisdom out loud. When I got to Chapter 1 verse 4: "Because into a soul that plots evil wisdom enters not, nor dwells she in a body under debt of sin."

"She?" Jay interrupted. I stopped reading. The patriarchs don't refer to the feminine by accident. Is it just a politically correct translation?

There was a footnote that referenced the Book of Sirach Chapter 15 Verses 1 to 8:

The Pornope usurped our neglected Youtube channel to publish his "I" webcomic by massive releases of 4 episodes for each video. This means that we wants to revive our channels for Pornsaints related subjects as well. If you are a pornbishop and do you want to publish your art videos, or you are a pornsaint and do you want tease us with (sadly not-nudes) videos, or you have some Pornsaint's related videos hidden in you shelf, please propose it for our channel!

If you don't know him, you'll be grateful. If you already know him, it will be a pleasure to look again at his works. In our opinion, Hans Bellmer is the best erotic artist ever, for his superb drawings, his interesting essays and his wonderful Dolls.

The Pixel Smut series by Max Capacity reminds us some masterpieces from C64 porn games. Be sure to lose your precious times watching and downloading these incomprehensible old masterpieces.

An interesting article by Melissa Petro via The Rumpus  [...] Today, I realize the truth — that it is not sex work that society fears is dangerous, but sex workers in and of themselves. To many, I am dangerous. There is something wrong with me to have been capable of doing – freely and upon my own volition – something that any intelligent, decent woman would apparently never even consider doing. This something that is wrong with me, this logic clearly implies, is something that was there prior to my becoming a sex worker—something that which will remain forever. Something that, for some, disqualifies me, still today, from working with children."

Another intriguing weird noir from the Porn valley: Susannah Breslin reports grisly news out of Porn Valley today: Stephen Hill aka Steve Driver, a part-time web designer, part-time porn actor (who'd just lost both jobs and his residence) is the primary suspect in "a stabbing rampage with what is purported be a movie prop Samurai sword." The murder took place some night ago. The victim was a co-star of the suspect in at least one adult film, and a self-described "multimedia consultant" whose final tweets included mention of tinkering around with Wordpress files late at night. The murder suspect had a history of violent behavior, as evidenced in his social networking profiles, and played played President Barack Obama in a hardcore adult movie “Palin: Erection 2008”

Our upcoming Pornsaint will be our beloved Miss Panic. Read her interview with us below, and be sure to check out her website and her pictures.

Why you get naked in front of a camera?

I'm a nudist at heart. It's for the same reason I hate wearing shoes, in the summer - I have the urge to take them off.

Read this interesting guide to the complex art of figure drawing by our pornbishop Molly Crabapple,  and look the pictures of her while draw our pornbishop Katelan Foisy.

We are glad to introduce you Natsuki Otani, our new pornbishop who will render for Pornsaints Miss Panic.

Let him introduce himself:

A lovely X-ray  Pin-Up calendar, for this advertising campaign by Berlin-based agency Butter for their client, EIZO, who produce ‘medical imaging high precision displays for the examination and diagnosis of radiographs’. (via Lostateminor)

Some more artworks featuring Pornsaint Nicotine by Steven Johnson Leyba. This is part of Leyba's "Sexgoblins" series. Enjoy!

Did you know that  Piers Anthony also wrote porn? You didn't know Pornucopia, a picaresque black comedy that transgresses all bounds of everyday good taste. It begins in a near-future world where sex-vending machines and genital transplants are taken for granted.

Story Synopsis

Do you want a free copy of our book? We would love to get pictures of sexy ladies reading it worldwide. If you promise us one, we'll ship you a copy for free, and you will be published in our blog. Of course, you can even simply buy it, it's quite cheap.

“I.” is a webcomic drawn by anyone. All the images featured are found around the web just googling simple tags. They are all under this Creative Commons License. The author (Francesco D'Isa) just edited everything in order to do the story. There will be a new episode more or less once a week. Below, the first episode, you can read more here.

Looking at X-Art, starting off with the title, we have a strange sensation. A clean and classy design, truly beautiful ladies, sometimes even wonderful photos. What's happening with pornography? We could hang some of these pictures to our walls (of course we could, but even to yours), we could even fall in love with these ethereal ladies!

A very nice paper about stats for pornography in the US, even if it miss the number of orgasms. Girls who watch porn are raising, and this is the city where more people in the world google for porn. You can see the full paper below. Via Ufunk.

Adult film star and Pornsaint Sasha Grey will play herself in several episodes of the upcoming seventh season of Entourage, TV Guide reports. Below you'll find her video interview about it.

Be sure to check out Madame Zelda and her cool porn webcomic, a crumb-alike furry porn strip.

As a bonus,  xkcd's point of view on internet porn.

Italia Ruotolo

We are glad to introduce you our new pornbishop  Italia Ruotolo. Her beautiful pornsaint will be relased soon, and it's published in our art book. Who is she? You will see very soon.