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Starr comes from a family that is half Italian and half Hungarian. She graduated from San Jose State University with a music degree and plays the piano and oboe. She started her pornography career at the age of 23. She met someone who introduced her to the adult industry in San Francisco, California, but it took a year before she decided to enter the industry. Her initial works were bondage and submission scenes for internet based companies. She then transitioned to shooting various types of scenes including deepthroat and anal sex for production companies in Los Angeles. She has appeared as the box-cover model for many movies by companies such as Red Light District Video and Combat Zone. Starr considers herself a pro-sex feminist. Even though she acknowledges that some feminists consider pornography to be degrading to women, Starr asserts, "I don't feel degraded because it is my decision. I know that if I did ever feel degraded or feel uncomfortable, all I need to do is say no and it would stop. I don't think something where women have so much control in the situation can be considered degrading towards women." Starr was a finalist for the reality show, America's Next Hot Porn Star. The show is set up similar to America's Next Top Model. She blogs for Popporn.com and writes a column for Fox Magazine called "Adventures in Porny Land". Starr wants to study pre-med, with the aim of becoming a gynecologist. Her intent is to work within the adult entertainment industry, where she has identified a lack of female gynecologists. She will star on the 2010 Nerdcore Horror Calendar.

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