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Ovidie denies entering the adult film industry for either sex or money, and has described herself as middle class. Her involvement in dance and choreography, and her interest in expression of the human body, played a part in attracting her to the industry.

At the time Ovidie became a adult film star, she was a radical feminist. She first viewed pornography to get a sense of the injustice that was being perpetrated on female industry workers. She found herself surprised when female porn stars, who she once felt sorry for, impressed her with their powerful sexual images. Wanting to attain this same kind of sexual strength, which seemed compatible with feminist ideals, she began acting in pornographic films.

Ovidie was an active porn performer until 2005, when she was featured in the porn/mainstream crossover film, All About Anna. She has also been active as a porn director both during her years as a performer and afterward, starting in 2000 with Orgie en Noir, which she directed for Marc Dorcel. Since then, she has directed a number of videos for Marc Dorcel, Blue One, and VCommunications. As of 2009, she is directing videos for the adult movie channel Frenchlover TV.

In 2002, she published her first book: Porno Manifesto, followed by In Sex We Trust in 2004.

(from Wikipedia)

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