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ANNIE SPRINKLE has 35+ years of experience in sexually oriented entertainment, education and art. She began her career in 1973, worked as a prostitute and a porn star for twenty years, then toured the USA in burlesque for four years with her own brand of performance called “Strip Speak.” She pioneered a variety of sex film genres and was a mover and shaker in the 80’s sex positive feminist movement. She evolved into a producer/director of her own “post porn” films, became an internationally acclaimed performance artist, and an innovative sex educator. She shared her experiences and findings through books, her photography, and in hundreds of magazine articles. Sprinkle became the first porn star to earn a Ph.D.. Always eager to help sex workers to be healthy and happy, and to counter societies prejudice, judgementalism, and bad laws, Sprinkle started the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, which is now observed annually in many countries and cities around the world. A few years ago, Sprinkle came out at as an “ecosexual,” and is now committed to making the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse, and to doing “sexecological research.”  She is shifting the metaphor from Earth as “mother” to Earth as “lover” through visual art, theater, and visiting artist presentations.  Her motto is “eroticize everything.”

Artworks featuring this Model: