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Steven Leyba is an artist, painter, fine art book maker, author, spoken word performance artist, and musician, who claims Mescalero Apache. He has been called the father of “Sexpressionism” by art critic Carlo McCormick. 

Leyba’s mixed media paintings utilize photographic collage, acrylic paint, oil paint, beadwork, as well as human blood. Leyba’s work attempts to 'liberate' human sexuality from commercialism. Using recontextualized images of human genitalia he emphasizes aesthetic notions of beauty and the politics of sexuality. His hand-made fine art books which can weigh up to seventy pounds consist of bound pages of paintings on canvas. His public performances consist of spoken word rants, cutting, piercing and extreme acts of degradation and sadomasochism. He has released two albums of spoken word and music on Adversary Records: The Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba Presents: The United Satanic Apache Front, and Fuck Your Freedom. He has produced album covers for the bands Unveiled and Faggot.

Artworks by this Artist: